※ご入力の前に、次の2つのアドレスを受信可能に設定してください。 ご登録いただいたメールアドレスに、返信いたします。
*At first, make it possible to receive the e-mail from the following address. We will send you the provisional booking and explanatrynote by e-mail automatically and send you the bill within 5-business days. After your payment, we will send you the booking confirmation.

info@azuminokisen.com (予約申込み直後に仮予約メールが自動返信されます)
invoicing@messaging.squareup.com (5営業日以内に請求書を送信いたします)

ご予約 Booking form
予約日 Booking Date 安曇野フリーフライト
2019年3月28日 06:00


ご連絡先 Contact information の項目は必須です。

必要事項 Necessary information こちらに搭乗者全員の性別・年齢・体重(衣類を含めた概算)をご入力ください。
Please fill in your gender, age, estimated weight (includes clothes) for all passengers.
お名前 Name(性別 Gender(年齢 Age(体重 Weight(
※記入例)安曇野 太郎(アズミノ タロウ)、男性、36才、70kg
When you have more than 7 persons, fill in the below. Leave your message for your question to the below.
※ex) James Bond, Male, 36 years old, 70kg

約 1 週間前の時点で空席がありましたら予備日確定とさせていただきます。
Another date because of the cancellation due to the bad weather conditions.
The booking for the another date is a temporary booking.
We will confirm when we have a vacancy at the day before 7 days.

We will leave the message whether balloon flight will be held or not at your hotel when the telephone is not available. When you do not booked the hotel yet,let us know as soon as you booked the hotel.



貸切料金 Charter fee:¥ 150,000.~
1~6 名様(最大総体重 約500kgまで)
1 to 6 people. Max. total weight:approx. 500kg.






【 Flights according to the weather conditions 】
The flight would be cancelled with a rain, a snow-fall, a blizzard or the strong wind (over 3m/s). We make judgment of flight around 17:00 the day before. It is sometimes happened that we are forced to cancel just at the time of boarding or make the flight-time shorter for the bad weather. When we make the judgment of cancellation, we surely inform you by telephone-call. When the flight has finished within 20 minutes, we will pay back from a part of the charge. When the flight is cancelled, there will be no charge. And we are not responsible for your travelling cost.

Re :  Another date for the cancellation due to the bad weather conditions .
The booking for the another date is a temporary booking.
We will confirm when we have a vacancy at the day before 7 days.

【 The persons who cannot join our flight are 】
* All of you cannot communicate in English or in Japanese at all. (it is not available in Chinese etc only) Please kindly remind that your group must have a person who can communicate in Japanese or English.
If not, the guide can reject your ride onsite without refund the fee.

* Under 9 years-old (From 10 to 17 years-old needs one care-taker to fly together with)
* Who needs a wheelchair, walking stick, any helps to move or medical cares.
* Who has any chronic disease.  *Heart disease or morbid-fear. *A pregnant woman. *Alcohol or drugs. *Pet.

【 Clothes and belongings 】
Please be dressed in the suitable clothes because it may happen sometimes that your clothes are torn or become dirty.

* The temperature above would be nearly -5 degrees.
* The warm winter clothes like a ski suit, winter shoes with the warm socks, cap, globes are indispensable.
* You can take a camera. It is not available to stretch the camera's selfie sticks for safety and to avoid the accident, trouble, annoyance.
* Put a camera in the bag or coat to avoid being broken when we land.
* The things you cannot take in the balloon are: tripod, food, big luggage, cutlery, lighter. A candy and chocolate are OK.

【 Notes 】
*For your safety, please follow the pilot’s instructions especially at the boarding and landing. Never touch the equipments for flight. (The burner, valve, hose of fuel, rope and etc.) No-smoking at any place near the balloon at boarding nor landing. No alcohol, mobile-phone nor any other manners which would annoy the others.


安曇野 熱気球フリーフライトの【注意事項】の内容をご確認の上、
Please make sure the instructions and check the box of agreement.